…And suddenly, the world is full of yellow umbrellas.

…And suddenly, the world is full of yellow umbrellas.

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Life happens. I still haven’t forgotten about you


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Starting Over

I had this dream. I dreamt that I was in a foggy forest and there’s a little bit of sunlight. I was wearing all white, like a plain top and a long skirt. I was barefoot like the rest of the people there. Yes, I wasn’t alone.

I’m not sure but I think all of them were girls. It was hard to distinguish their gender since we were all wearing white. Even though I couldn’t find any familiar faces, I wasn’t worried or scared… I was calm and happy. I felt safe.

I was with two friends (two girls). One had brown hair the other, black. They don’t look familiar either, but I know they’re my friends. At the back of my mind, I know that they’re my angels.

We laughed, smiled. Chased each other, like we were kids again. We all sat on the ground as we watch other people having fun.

I didn’t know what time it was or what day it was, until one of my friends said “you only have till Sunday to live.” I nodded and forced a smile. I knew. I knew about my “last day”. Then the other one said “yes, because your story (like they were referring to a book) is about to end.”

After that moment, time flew fast until it was “Sunday”. I was still with my two friends and all of the people in that forest was surrounding me. I was laying on a bed in the middle of the forest then I looked at my two angels.

I said “please tell Marit that I love her so much.”
“It’s today? You’re leaving now?” One asked.
“Yes.” While looking at the both of them.

I was having a hard time breathing. Time was ticking. My eyes went wide open. I was scared. Catching every breathe I have left I said “please tell her.”

I closed my eyes and felt the last beat of my heart. I felt a little dizzy, like the world’s spinning. I felt my soul leaving my body. It was dark. I thought “maybe this is what it feels like dying.” I was ready. I was thinking that I’ll finally be with my mom again.

I waited. And waited… It was still dark.

I peeked, and I was back in my room.. “I’m not dead.” I told myself.

I got scared and googled dreams about dying. And I found this: “death-related dreaming is an opportunity for introspection and growth”. Maybe it was the end of my past self, and now I have the chance to start over.

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